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Prebiotic RNA Network Formation: A Taxonomy of Molecular Cooperation

Abstract Cooperation is essential for evolution of biological complexity. Recent work has shown game theoretic arguments, commonly used to model biological cooperation, can also illuminate the dynamics of chemical systems. Here we investigate the types of cooperation possible in a real RNA system based on the Azoarcus ribozyme, by constructing a taxonomy of possible cooperative groups. We construct a computational model of this system to investigate the features of the real system promoting cooperation. We find triplet interactions among genotypes are intrinsically biased towards cooperation due to the particular distribution of catalytic rate constants measured empirically in the real system. For other distributions cooperation is less favored. We ... (more)
Created Date 2017-10-16
Contributor Mathis, Nicholas (ASU author) / Ramprasad, Sanjay N. (Author) / Walker, Sara (ASU author) / Lehman, Niles (Author) / College of Liberal Arts and Sciences / BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science / School of Earth and Space Exploration
Series LIFE
Type Text
Extent 11 pages
Language English
Identifier DOI: 10.3390/life7040038 / ISSN: 2075-1729
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Citation Mathis, C., Ramprasad, S., Walker, S., & Lehman, N. (2017). Prebiotic RNA Network Formation: A Taxonomy of Molecular Cooperation. Life, 7(4), 38. doi:10.3390/life7040038
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