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A Recording Project Featuring Five Newly Commissioned Works for Clarinet by James Patrick Applegate


This project features five new pieces for clarinet commissioned from three different composers including:

1. Rasa by Jeffrey Ouper

2. Faerie Tale Dances by Jeffrey Ouper

3. Amalgamated Widget by Tavia Sullens

4. Faerie Suite by Theresa Martin

5. Time Lapse by Theresa Martin

Faerie Suite and Amalgamated Widget are for unaccompanied clarinet; Time Lapse is a trio for clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano; Faerie Tale Dances is a trio for E-flat clarinet, sopranino recorder, and toy piano; and Rasa is a quartet for E-flat clarinet, two A clarinets, and bass clarinet. These pieces challenge the performer in various ways, including complex rhythm, use of extended techniques such as glissando, flutter tongue, and circular breathing, ... (more)
Created Date 2018
Contributor Applegate, James Patrick (Author) / Spring, Robert (Advisor) / Gardner, Joshua (Advisor) / Holbrook, Amy (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Music / clarinet / Jeffrey Ouper / piano / recorder / Tavia Sullens / Theresa Martin
Type Doctoral Dissertation
Extent 108 pages
Language English
Note Doctoral Dissertation Music 2018
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
Additional Formats MODS / OAI Dublin Core / RIS

  Full Text
2.8 MB application/pdf
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Description Dissertation/Thesis
  01 Rasa.wma
11.6 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Rasa Audio
  02 Amalgamated Widget.wma
3.5 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Amalgamated Widget Audio
  03 Faerie Tale Dances- I- The Stroke of Midnight.wma
2.6 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faerie Tale Dances- I. The Stroke of Midnight Audio
  04 Faerie Tale Dances- II- Mirror, Mirror.wma
1.7 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faerie Tale Dances- II. Mirror, Mirror Audio
  05 Faerie Tale Dances- III- Pixie Dust.wma
3.8 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faerie Tale Dances- III. Pixie Dust Audio
  06 Faerie Suite- I- Titania.wma
2.9 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faerie Suite- I. Titania Audio
  07 Faerie Suite- II- Eurydice.wma
3.7 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faerie Suite- II. Eurydice Audio
  08 Faerie Suite- III- Lorelei.wma
2.7 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faerie Suite- III. Lorelei
  09 Faerie Suite- IV- Lughs Dance.wma
2.1 MB audio/x-ms-wma
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Description Faeie Suite- IV. Lugh's Dance
  10 Time Lapse.wma
6.2 MB audio/x-ms-wma
Download Count: 21

Description Time Lapse