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Personality in the City: Relationship Between Animal Behavioral Traits And Urbanization in a Fragile, Human-impacted Desert Ecosystem

Abstract Human-inhabited or -disturbed areas pose many unique challenges for wildlife, including increased human exposure, novel challenges, such as finding food or nesting sites in novel structures, anthropogenic noises, and novel predators. Animals inhabiting these environments must adapt to such changes by learning to exploit new resources and avoid danger. To my knowledge no study has comprehensively assessed behavioral reactions of urban and rural populations to numerous novel environmental stimuli. I tested behavioral responses of urban, suburban, and rural house finches (Haemorhous mexicanus) to novel stimuli (e.g. objects, noises, food), to presentation of a native predator model (Accipiter striatus) and a human, and to two problem-solving c... (more)
Created Date 2018
Contributor Weaver, Melinda (Author) / McGraw, Kevin J (Advisor) / Rutowski, Ronald (Committee member) / Pratt, Stephen (Committee member) / Bateman, Heather (Committee member) / Deviche, Pierre (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Biology / animal behavior / cognition / house finches / novelty / plasticity / urban ecology
Type Doctoral Dissertation
Extent 133 pages
Language English
Note Doctoral Dissertation Biology 2018
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
Additional Formats MODS / OAI Dublin Core / RIS

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Description Dissertation/Thesis