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Acute Glycemic Response to Different Strategies of Breaking Up Sedentary Time

Abstract Most studies that explored the health benefits of interrupting sitting time focused on using different modalities (i.e., comparing walking vs standing breaks)33,36,59. However, experimental studies that directly compare patterns of interrupting sitting time through standing only are needed to advance the field. This study aimed to (i) determine if there is a difference in glucose response between continuous sitting (CS) and two intermittent standing regimes (high frequency, low duration breaks (HFLD) and low frequency, high duration breaks (LFHD)) and (ii) to determine if there is a difference in glucose response between the two strategies (HFLD vs. LFHD).

Ten sedentary employees (mean±SD age 46.8±10.6 years; 70% female) with impaired fast... (more)
Created Date 2019
Contributor Toledo, Meynard John Lapore (Author) / Buman, Matthew P (Advisor) / Ainsworth, Barbara (Committee member) / Gaesser, Glenn (Committee member) / Hooker, Steven (Committee member) / Pereira, Mark (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Health sciences / Continuous glucose monitor / Interrupting sitting time / Sitting breaks / Standing breaks
Type Doctoral Dissertation
Extent 114 pages
Language English
Note Doctoral Dissertation Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness 2019
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
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