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Strategies for (U-Th)/Pb Geochronology of Impact Structures: Lessons from the West Clearwater Lake Crater, Canada

Abstract Establishing the timing of impact crater formation is essential to exploring the relationship between bolide impact and biological evolution, and constraining the tempo of planetary surface evolution. Unfortunately, precise and accurate impact geochronology can be challenging. Many of the rock products of impact (impactites) contain relict, pre-impact phases that may have had their isotopic systematics completely reset during the impact event, only partially reset, or not reset at all. Of the many isotopic chronometers that have been used to date impactites, the U/Pb zircon chronometer (ZrnPb) seems least susceptible to post-impact disturbances, and ZrnPb dates are typically much more precise than those obtained using other chronometers. Ho... (more)
Created Date 2019
Contributor Brunner, Anna Elizabeth (Author) / Hodges, Kip V (Advisor) / Barboni, Melanie (Committee member) / van Soest, Matthijs C (Committee member) / Sharp, Thomas G (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Geology / Geochemistry / Planetology / impact crater / U/Pb geochronology / zircon
Type Masters Thesis
Extent 82 pages
Language English
Note Masters Thesis Geological Sciences 2019
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
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Description Dissertation/Thesis