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Aerodynamic Characterization of a Tethered Rotor

Abstract An airborne, tethered, multi-rotor wind turbine, effectively a rotorcraft kite, provides one platform for accessing the energy in high altitude winds. The craft is maintained at altitude by its rotors operating in autorotation, and its equilibrium attitude and dynamic performance are affected by the aerodynamic rotor forces, which in turn are affected by the orientation and motion of the craft. The aerodynamic performance of such rotors can vary significantly depending on orientation, influencing the efficiency of the system. This thesis analyzes the aerodynamic performance of an autorotating rotor through a range of angles of attack covering those experienced by a typical autogyro through that of a horizontal-axis wind turbine. To study th... (more)
Created Date 2019
Contributor Hota, Piyush (Author) / Wells, Valana L. (Advisor) / Calhoun, Ronald (Committee member) / Garrett, Frederick (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Aerospace engineering / Alternative energy / Applied physics / Airborne Wind Turbine / Autogyro / Autorotation / Blade Element Momentum Theory / Rotary Wing Aerodynamics / Wind Tunnel
Type Masters Thesis
Extent 92 pages
Language English
Note Masters Thesis Mechanical Engineering 2019
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
Additional Formats MODS / OAI Dublin Core / RIS

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Description Dissertation/Thesis