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Artificial Enzymes from Hafnium Diboride Nanosheets Dispersed in Biocompatible Block Copolymers

Abstract Nanomaterials that exhibit enzyme-like catalytic activity or nanozymes have many advantages compared to biological enzymes such as low cost of production and high stability. There is a substantial interest in studying two-dimensional materials due to their exceptional properties. Hafnium diboride is a type of two-dimensional material and belongs to the metal diborides family made of hexagonal layers of boron atoms separated by metal layers. In this work, the peroxidase-like activity of hafnium diboride nanoflakes dispersed in the block copolymer F77 was discovered for the first time. The kinetics, mechanisms and catalytic performance towards the oxidation of the chromogenic substrate 3,3,5,5-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) in the presence of hyd... (more)
Created Date 2019
Contributor Matar Abed, Mahmoud (Author) / Wang, Qing Hua (Advisor) / Green, Alexander (Advisor) / Jiao, Yang (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Nanotechnology / Materials Science
Type Masters Thesis
Extent 43 pages
Language English
Note Masters Thesis Materials Science and Engineering 2019
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
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Description Dissertation/Thesis