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A Recording and Performance Guide Featuring Three Commissioned Compositions for Clarinet by Mexican Composers

Abstract In an effort to provide greater representation to Latin American musicians, this recording and performance guide provides commentary on three works for clarinet by composers of Mexican ethnicity, commissioned and recorded by the author. The works presented are scored for solo clarinet, clarinet & piano, and clarinet, cello, & piano.

Each piece seeks to communicate and explore current sociopolitical issues related to Mexico, and, like this project as a whole, derive their inspiration from La Onda, a multidisciplinary artistic movement in Mexico, translating as the “wave,” “sound wave,” or “the force” that emerged as part of the 1960s and 1970s North American counterculture. La Onda music emerged as a reflection and consequence of m... (more)
Created Date 2020
Contributor Dominguez, Vincent Robert (Author) / Spring, Robert (Advisor) / Gardner, Joshua (Advisor) / Schuring, Martin (Committee member) / Bolaños, Gabriel J. (Committee member) / Meyer, Jeffery (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Music / Performing arts / Musical composition / Clarinet / Commission / Dominguez / Mexican / Recording / Vincent
Type Doctoral Dissertation
Extent 115 pages
Language English
Note Doctoral Dissertation Music 2020
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
Additional Formats MODS / OAI Dublin Core / RIS

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Description Dissertation/Thesis
  01_Paysage FrontixE8re by Victor Ibarra.mp3
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Description 01. Paysage Frontière by Victor Ibarra
  02_Juegos Prohibidos by Hilda Paredes.mp3
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Description 02. Juegos Prohibidos by Hilda Paredes
  03_Conversiones, Movement I, Conversiones by Juan Trigos.mp3
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Description 03. Conversiones, Movement I: Conversiones by Juan Trigos
  04_Conversiones, Movement II, Evocacion by Juan Trigos.mp3
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Description 04. Conversiones, Movement II: Evocaciòn by Juan Trigos
  05_Conversiones, Movement III, Scherzo by Juan Trigos.mp3
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Description 05. Conversiones, Movement III: Scherzo by Juan Trigos
  06_Conversiones, Movement IV, ElegxECa by Juan Trigos.mp3
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Description 06. Conversiones, Movement IV: Elegìa by Juan Trigos
  07_Conversiones, Movement V, Ecos by Juan Trigos.mp3
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Description 07. Conversiones, Movement V: Ecos by Juan Trigos