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Earth, Society, and Justice: An Annotated Syllabus for a Political Geology Course Informed by Decolonial, Radical, and Environmental Justice Theories

Abstract Geology and its tangential studies, collectively known and referred to in this thesis as geosciences, have been paramount to the transformation and advancement of society, fundamentally changing the way we view, interact and live with the surrounding natural and built environment. It is important to recognize the value and importance of this interdisciplinary scientific field while reconciling its ties to imperial and colonizing extractive systems which have led to harmful and invasive endeavors. This intersection among geosciences, (environmental) justice studies, and decolonization is intended to promote inclusive pedagogical models through just and equitable methodologies and frameworks as to prevent further injustices and promote recog... (more)
Created Date 2021-05
Contributor Reed, Cameron E (Author) / Richter, Jennifer (Thesis Director) / Semken, Steven (Committee Member) / School of Earth and Space Exploration / School of Earth and Space Exploration / School of Sustainability / Barrett, The Honors College
Subject Decolonization / geoscience / Education / Pedagogy / radical
Series Academic Year 2020-2021
Type Text
Extent 46 pages
Language English
Collaborating Institutions Barrett, the Honors College
Additional Formats MODS / OAI Dublin Core / RIS

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