Digital Repository

Excellence, Access, and Impact

The ASU Digital Repository provides a place to collect, preserve, and discover the creative and scholarly output from ASU faculty, research partners, staff and students. Providing free, online access to ASU scholarship benefits our local community, encourages transdisciplinary research, and engages scholars and researchers worldwide.

Scholarship Discovery

The ASU Digital Repository exposes content to commercial search engines, making it more widely available. We can archive a variety of content types and digital file formats, including: published refereed articles, theses and dissertations, images, audio, video, data sets, and maps.

Meet Grant Requirements

The ASU Digital Repository helps meet public access policies and archival requirements specified by many federal grants. We provide long-term preservation for materials by managing backups and keeping common file formats current. Every item in the Repository has a permanent URL, ensuring that content remains accessible and usable over time.

Getting Started

Most uses of the ASU Digital Repository are provided at no charge to the ASU community. For more information contact .